"EEWW! Look how it's shooting beastiality pics free out all over the place!" and, "It looks like pudding! GROSS!" Ms. Jamison looked down at the mess on her expensive motherly panties and made a face. "Shame on you!!" Looking back up at the young man to hold his eyes with her own, she began verbally abusing him horribly¦ even as he continued to pump out more gobs of white stuff as the result of her jerking fist.

"You Animal sex should be perfectly ashamed of yourself, pig. Everyone here can see your¦ stuff coming out of your penis and soiling my underwear. Perhaps a spanking would put you in your place. Perhaps something a bit more drastic is needed. Perverts should expect to be punished for their disgusting displays." With those words burning in his ears, his face red with shame, Donaletto's huge animal sac contracted more powerfully then he had ever experienced. The fingers in his ass were forced out. The cock jerked free of Ms. Jamison's hands. He made a feeble squeal, and a grotesque, bundle of boiling hot sperm flung from the head of his dick to land directly on the face of the Dean of Women's Studies. The wad was enormous. It clung to her forehead and messed her pretty blonde hair. Her glasses were covered in it. Time seemed to stand still¦ and then blackness clouded over him. The last words he heard as his legs gave out under him and he collapsed in delicious shame, were¦ "Now you're in for it, pig.

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When Donaletto awoke, he found himself strapped to some kind of cold metal table. There were leather bands buckled around each of his wrists, trapping them against the sides of the table. His legs were spread wide apart, and were also secured. As he slowly gathered his feeble wits about him¦ he realized with a shock, that he was stark naked! There was also a large hole in the middle of the table, just below his naked ass. Through this opening, the young man's huge balls hung down¦ vulnerable and unprotected. Just as he came to these realizations, the door to his room suddenly opened. "Well, well. Piggy just woke up." It was Ms.Gloria Sandrina, and she wasn't alone. With her, was Ms. Jamison, The Dean of Women's Studies from the local Women's College. Kelly, the Ringmistress was following close behind, and she was smiling¦ mocking him. Ms. Jamison was still in her blouse, panties (now heavily soiled with a slick coating of thick, white sperm), her gray stockings, and heels. Her face had been cleaned of the disgusting load of semen that the clown had inadvertently squirted, though there were still a few drying clumps visible in her sensible blonde haircut. She looked pissed.

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Tenshi (Angel) Tianshaonu had lactation problems.

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warning! Animal sex movies This story is for adult only! It is category III sex fic having to involve angel beings calledthe tenshi in sexual situations!

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Read at your own risks! Do not complain to me if you get offended! Becuase it is own damn fault, not mine.

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It is Horse fucking incredibly exciting while this all takes place. Lisa continues to rub my nipples and lick and bite them also. Sue is rubbing my balls with her hands and trying to get the vibrator into my ass. While you tease my cock with your tits, rubbing them across it and squeezing my member with them. You each take turns touching, foundling and squeezing my stiff cock, making sure that I don't cum. Sue climbs up on top of me and presses her breasts into my face, rubbing them against me, causing me to wish that I didn't have this gag in my mouth. I think it is you that are rubbing my cock and balls, I can't be sure since I can no longer see. I feel like I'm about to explode just as it stops, and I feel your nails scrapping along the length of my member. Sue climbs down off me and I can see that you are smiling between yourselves, Sue grabs my hard cock and begins stroking it swiftly. While Lisa moves behind you and fondling your breasts, squeezing and pulling on your nipples, you both move in closer to me, as she holds your breasts tightly and with Lisa saying do you want him to cum on these? As you say yes, I can feel my orgasm beginning to build, with Sue pulling on my cock harder and harder, I begin to ejaculate towards you shooting cum onto your breasts as Lisa pushes you closer. Lisa turns to the front of you smiles as she licks my cum from your breasts as Sue licks the cum from my still hard cock. As Lisa lies you on your back on the floor, and continues to lick your nipples and breasts, Sue lies down beside you and begins to play with your pussy with her hand. She moves down your body licking you as she moves to your crotch she pulls off your crotchless thong panties and starts to lick your wet pussy. Lisa moves to the toys on the floor and she finds what she is looking for, which is an enormous strap on dildo that she puts on it most be 14 inches long and very thick and moves towards you. As you lay on your back she moves the dildo to your mouth, which you take and start licking and sucking on it as Sue, is licking your pussy. She then moves around behind Sue who is on her knees with her ass in the air and begins to spread her open to accept the strap on dildo to her from behind. Lisa is gently rubbing the dildo on Sue's pussy spreading her lips so that it will accept this massive dildo. Lisa gently pushes the dildo into Sue's pussy, slowly moving it back and forth moving it deeper into her on each stroke. Sue reaches for a vibrator on the floor, the silver one and moves it to your pussy as she licks and sucks on your pussy. As she inserts it into your pussy you arch your back to meet her tongue, a pillow is on the floor that she places underneath you to assist you. Lisa is now stroking the entire length of her large dildo into Sue's pussy.

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At this point you horse fucking women walk in front of me and take a look at me and smile, and you say well isn't this fun! You have planned this night carefully and are going to enjoy ever minute. You move close to me and rub yourself ever so lightly against my legs, as I feel the silkiness of robe brush the inside of my legs, I feel you warm breath blowing against my stomach and down to my raising manhood. You blow ever so gently knowing how much you are turning me on, since you are watching my cock begin to rise. This sends chills from the center of me out to the very tips of my body

Well you Bestiality stories answer the door and I'm a bit shocked and almost immediately turned on, You answer the door in a dark silk robe that is tight fitting and just a little above your knees in length, it is not see through. You really look great, it shows off your amble breasts and I can see just a little cleavage. You invite me in and step away from the door and began to walk away from me. Your wearing black high heels and they really make your legs look great. I try to stay cool in case you just haven't finished changing, I am watching you as you walk away and can hardly think straight. You don't even turn around, you must know I'm checking you out, watching how your ass moves as you walk, you say why don't you sit down here and point to a chair. You then ask if I'd like something to drink, how about a Pepsi. I can not take my eyes off your legs and so I mumble sure that'd be great, do you want me to get it. You reply No just sit there and relax, you disappear around a corner, are back before I can think. You hand me a Pepsi and give me a look with those eyes. You make idle chat like everything OK, you feeling OK, it must be apparent that I'm shocked and excited. You know exactly what you are doing and are in complete control. You say give me a minute I'll be right out and off you go. If I'd been cool and not so shocked I might have noticed the room and the setup. But I just I'm thinking about how hot you look and hoping that I get it together before you get back.

What I don't notice Beastiality sex stories is this is not probably the way the room is normally set up. The chair is facing towards the couch but is a little farther away then it would normally be, and there is nothing except a rug between the chair and couch. The coffee table that should be there is off to the side likes in pushed out of the way. The chair is comfortable enough but had a noticed there were some added features.

"What the hell was that," The Tenshi (Seraph) Kemuel said to himself, as he flew through on his way through the halls of the divine netherworld! The long corridor was empty, as most of the creatures of light, the Tenshi, were on a mission to heal, so Kemuel was quite curious about what was happening at this hour. Well who ever it was, they sure as hell were making quite a racket in one of the bedrooms, so Kemuel listened for a few moments, and then slowly turned the handle and pushed into the supposedly empty office. What he saw totally floored him, and for several seconds he stood there slack jawed, and quite unable to speak!

"I-I-I'm sorry," a red faced Farm sex Kemuel stammered, "I heard the glass breaking and just wanted to make sure everything was okay!" In shock, he flew away so fast, he crashed into the wall. As he observed closer to what was going on, next to some sort of contraption with hoses and wires connected to her chest, it was mistress Tianshaonu with her breasts exposed!!! Even her long, lilac hued locks could not cover her huge breasts this time

"That's Animal sex pics all right dear, I am playing wet nurse for creatures in need, and every four hours or so I have to milk by breasts and save it for later. I am actually making myself lactate by holy powers." she replied, "However, I'm having all sorts of trouble with the stupid machine, and I just knocked a jar of milk on the floor, and well, nothing seems to be working out today!!!" Kemuel was listening to what Tianshaonu was saying, but his eyes were riveted to the magnificent bosom that sprung from Tianshaonu's slim (yet slightly muscular) chest! Kemuel remembered when his own mistresses getting pregnant with more Tenshi, and their swollen breasts. But this time, mistress Tianshaonu takes the cake for any divine creature with the biggest breasts.

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"Do you think you could check out my breast pump?" she asked earnestly, "It seems to have stopped working, and my back is starting to hurt, due to my breasts. If things keep up like this, I am not sure if I could fly anymore....."

"Uh, sure," stammered Kemuel, "I've Beastiality free sample mpegs never worked on a breast pump before, but I guess I could give it a look!" The closer he got to Tianshaonu's chest the harder his penis became, and he hoped that she wouldn't notice!!! "Let's see what we've got here," he said, as he began checking out the hoses that ran from Tianshaonu's bright crimson nipples back to the pump unit. After a minute or two of examination the Tenshi offered at his consent.

"Ahhhh, Animal sex with women I see what the problem is, there's a small crack in the suction hose right here, see it!?!" Tianshaonu leaned forward to get a better look at the hose, and in the process her boobs jiggled from side to side, making Kemuel let loose with an audible groan! "Here it is!" Kemuel said softly, "That little crack keeps prevents the machine from making suction, which in turn doesn't allow the milk to be pumped from your breasts!!!

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"What am I going to do," Tianshaonu said in a half wailing voice, "I've gotta get this milk out of my breasts, I am having major back and wing aches!

"Well," Kemuel replied, scratching his Sex with dogs head "you're going to have to replace that hose, until then you're out of luck, I'm sorry!!!"

Kemuel Women animal sex turned around and was about to leave when Tianshaonu asked, "Do you think you could milk them for me? Once, when there was no splendid machines discovered, I had some slaves/suitors milk them hard

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Kemuel was dumb founded at the request, but as soon as he realized that she was serious, he went over and locked the door, pulled up another chair next to the sexy Tenshi woman and asked, "How do you milk them?!?" Tianshaonu pulled the two suction cups off of her nipples, put a mason jar under one of them and with her free hand showed Kemuel how to force the milk from her breast!

"See, you just gently squeeze free beast tgp just above the nipple and pull it a little, and voila, the milk squirts out!!!" she ordered, "Now, you try it!" With trembling hands, Kemuel took hold of one of Tianshaonu's nipples and using the same technique she had just demonstrated, he began extracting the milk from her breast

"Hey," Animals having sex he said excitedly, "It's easy, look at how much we have all ready!!!" Tianshaonu decided to lay back in her bed, and relaxed while Kemuel worked on her breasts while asking, "Am I hurting you," wanting to make sure that everything was okay?!?"

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Tripper, I've Sex with animals been wanting to have this much control of you for a long time. Tonight you will see things you've only thought about. I have you tied down so that you don't get carried away. You turn to me, you are wearing an amazing outfit it must be leather, the thong panties are crotch less, the bra is almost none at all, it supports all of you, yet its like your not wearing one at all. The bottom supports underneath and it looks like it has a normal triangle around your each breast but it is just a leather strap, you are practically completely naked.

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"Oh no," she replied, "on the contrary, your fingers feel wonderful, much better than that old breast pump!!!" Kemuel continued milking the young angelic woman, still unable to believe that she was allowing him to have his way with her spectacular chest!

Kemuel alternated from one breast Dog sex instructions to another, giving each one a rest from the constant squeezing and pulling, and he was just about to ask Tianshaonu how much more they needed to extract when he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman who was sexually excited! Tianshaonu had made a soft moan and unconsciously pressed her thighs together, sure indicators that she was highly aroused!!! Licking his lips, which had now become very dry, Kemuel decided to take a chance and without even asking, he leaned over and took a dark nipple into his mouth!

"Oh, Animal sex pictures god," Tianshaonu groaned, "you do that so well!!!"

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Kemuel thought, as he slurped on Tianshaonu's chest, their four wings caressing each other's partially nude bodies!!!

"Oh Kemuel.... she cooed softly, xxx animal "Suck some milk from my nipples, it turns me on so much to breast feed a man!!!" Kemuel didn't need another invitation, and using his lips and tongue he drew hard on the super stiff nipple, and incredibly his mouth was flooded with sweet divine milk!!! Tianshaonu breathed loudly as he nursed harder and harder, while he alternated between the two red nipples!!!

"Oh Human sex with animals dear..... she asked again, "Would you please do me a favor!?!" By now Kemuel would have walked over burning coals for this big breasted Tenshi, and he pulled away long enough to pant,

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"Anything baby, you just name it!!!"